Wax Injetion


Introducing ALL SEASONS™ Jewelry Injection Wax. New from CERTUS, the company with products that continually "SURPASSES THE INDUSTRY STANDARD"


  • 'All Season' Reliability – Perfect for use all year round in all types of climates.
  • Reproduction – Captures sharpest details of the most intricate designs.
    Smooth Finish – Provides a high gloss surface finish for superior castings that require less finishing.
  • Complete Fills – High fluidity fill’s the most complex designs.
  • Easy View – Any imperfections present are easy to identify for repair.
  • Low Shrinkage – Low injection temperature (68c.) for less shrinkage and sink in thick sections
  • Low Injection Pressure – High fluidity and better flow allows for the lowest injection pressures to be used.
  • Versitile – One wax for everything. unique formula works perfectly for all types of patterns. great for everything. from thick too thin to fine filigree.
  • Extra Long Shelf Life – Properly stored, patterns made with 'all seasons' injection wax will remain ready for use almost indefinitely.
  • Low Ash Content – High purity of ingredients and near zero ash content provide cleaner burnouts for a superior casting surface.