About Us


• Noavaran Tajhiz Daghigh .Co.Ltd [NTD .Co] was established in Tehran by Mr. Abedin Chegini to provide the jewellery industry in Iran with a superior range of high quality, time tested products produced by some of the best known names in the industry. Equipment and supplies that will increase quality and save the user time & money.
• Having experience in the jewellery industry spanning more than twenty (20) years, Mr. Chegini & company have worked tirelessly to source and supply high value products for their customers that enables them to stay steps ahead of their competition. By continuously establishing direct line to many of the industry’s best known manufacturers, NTD.Co has become known as a supplier that put’s their customers first.
• In supplying superior, higher quality, user friendly products that increase quality in casting and finishing, NTD.Co has rapidly become known as one of the fastest growing jewellery supply companies in Iran. Besides offering a wide range of high quality products at the most competitive prices, Mr. Chegini welcomes all jewellery manufacturers to contact NTD.Co for technical assistance in regards to the products they offer and also to discuss solutions that will help them to streamline their process for a more profitable outcome.